i was just talking to ryan about itf and he was like ‘simon is ok’.

this morning my cat was meowing repeatedly outside my door to be let in and i didnt want to get up so i just yelled ‘NO’ and there was a pause and then i just heard


here is a very small cat we made friends with on holiday. it was difficult to get a good photo of her bc she was a fidget

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oh yeah i forgot to say: while on holiday me and dad passed our advanced open water exams yay! out cards came the other day and i am very proud. we just need to find a dive shop near us and buy another dive table bc we only have one between us and that is inconvenient to say the least

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okay. the plan for tomorrow is im not going to say anything about ren and rick until ryan catches on by himself. let’s see how long that takes

we were in a tiny restaurant in st lucia and at the end of the meal they gave us these mints…

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so tonight after having watch the commonwealth games’ opening ceremony my dad was locking the door when he was all like ‘come outside’ so we did and the stars. the fucking stars man. the sky was so clear and bc i live far away from any major towns we dont get much light pollution at all and i have never seen so many stars in my life. my mum identified a few constellations, and dad and i worked out that we could see the milky way, like the inner bit of it (bc earth is on an arm) and i even saw a shooting star! the first one ive ever seen! gahhh it was beautiful. i tried taking pictures but my camera just isnt good enough, sorry :/ if only you all could have teleported to my house or smth bc it was really amazing and i wish you’d all seen it


i want to be on a boat at night

oh my god me too, so so much - we (my family) tried sailing to france last year and i was going to stay up with my dad bc the journey takes about 24 hrs but the gearbox broke so we couldnt make the trip :( apparently the stars are the most beautiful my dad’s ever seen (he’s done the trip before) and the sea is nearly always completely calm and theres nothing but you and the sea for as far as the eye can see and can you imagine the sunrise

in st lucia we (me, dad, and another man and his son) did a night dive and when we came up it was about 8:15pm and the moon was almost full and the sail back was so so calming, with all the lights twinkling along the coast… it was amazing

Anonymous asked: Do they want a Northern accent? Do they want a Scottish accent? Do they want a Welsh accent? Do they want a cockney accent? Do they want a west-country accent? Do they want a scouse accent? Do they want a brummy accent? Do they want a posh accent? NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW.


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