it may have something to do with it being 3am but i am finding this really fucking funny oh my god

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hello everyone! it is my turn to beg my followers to take literally 5 seconds of your time to click here, scroll down, find luke newberry and vote for him (plus you can vote for your other favourite celebrities on the way)

it would really help in the flesh get a 3rd series, and also help out luke (aka teddy lupin) too :D thank you!

a couple renewed their vows here

a couple renewed their vows here


i’m going through my inbox and i just got to the bit where i was slightly tipsy and started getting really emotional over the little princess trust and going on and on about how i want to cut off all my hair and donate it to charity at like 1 in the morning and omg, i’d just like to formally apologise to hummocks for putting up with that

id just like to formally accept your apology but also say that it really isnt necessary

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it would be cool if, as well as being able to see what time a post was posted in your own time zone like you can now, you could see what time a post was posted in the time zone of the person who posted it too

so the long-promised storm finally arrived…

the halt and catch fire theme tune is so funky i love it

so i found my old school bus pass…

so i found my old school bus pass…

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candyfloss sky last night

i have eaten so much hummus today

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have any of you guys seen this? it’s really good and also important

"you should be proud of yourselves. you’re girls. you’re teenagers. you’re not people that get listened to - you’re not… old white guys in suits, you know? you’re not supposed to change the world.”