so my dad has always said ‘umbrolio’ instead of ‘umbrella’ for as long as i can remember and i never even questioned it bc that’s just the kind of person my dad is like we all thought he was just being silly and it turns out that. right so we have these huge like table umbrellas on our patio and one night before i was born they got stolen and my dad had to write a letter to the insurance company and he has the absolute worst handwriting it is basically illegible and he got a letter back saying 

sir we are very sorry to hear about the theft, but unfortunately we cannot help you because we do not know what an umbrolio is

oh no ive just realised something

bc im going into 6th form in a few days in all my classes we’re probably going to have to do that ‘tell everyone something interesting about yourself’ thing and i am not prepared for that

swimpuku asked: wow, i am currently obsessed with In the Flesh, granted i've only watched the first episode but damn is it good (also screams when rick's mom tells bill that they found him alive, but partially kjsdbfkjasfkdsnk)

i KNOW when i first watched that bit i was like NO

i am glad you like it! but you must must must watch the rest, it only gets better (or worse, depending on the way you look at it…)

have some shitty phone pictures from our walk back from dinner tonight

so my parents insist on doing the most white tourist-y things possible wherever we go so today we did one of those guided walks around the city and afterwards my dad was talking to the guide who said “did you ever see benedict cumberbatch’s sherlock?” and my mum just laughed and anyway he was talking about another tour he did that includes the place where the reichenbach fall was filmed and how lots of people have their pictures taken lying on the floor in the exact spot so of course we are going to visit that tomorrow and my dad wanted to do the lying down thing and my mum told him that if he did, she would divorce him

so we’ve arrived and we are literally one minutes walk from tower bridge and I’ve been here loads of times but that always amazes me

The best thing about sailing down the thames is waving to all the people in the river buses

Just passed through the thames barrier

Just passed through the thames barrier

in reply to stupidgods' reply to my last post: yes it is and yes i am

and best of luck to everyone else getting results today too :D

thank you! x

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